Grebe: Geo-Fenced Social Data Aggregator
Grebe is a social media aggregation platform for collecting geo-fenced Twitter data from provinces in Canada, including Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec. The open source system is fully operational since July 2016, and a demo version is available online. Details about the platform are also available in the published paper at the IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence 2018. Grebe has also been featured in news coverage on CBC and Global News.

Cardea Health: Canadian Social Network
Cardea is a new health portal currently under development (alpha version is live) for medical professionals or medics, and laypersons or patients. Cardea aims to include features from existing health social networks, forums, blogs, and other social media for empowering patients to consume credible health information. Patients can also interact with medics, share experiences, write blogs, ask questions, chat real-time, or get answers in three streamlined environments: patient to patient, patient to medic, and medic to medic. Medics can interact with patients or other medics to create blogs, answer questions and collaborate. Each of these areas has threads associated with specific health topics, such as "obesity", "cancer", and others. Registered users can subscribe to threads, and also connect with other users. Content in Cardea is associated with various trust metrics to inform users about its credibility. Cardea also provides advanced privacy options for users to control content visibility and their identity to avoid social stigmatization.

More Coming Soon